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Could Christine O'Donnell go 'Dancing' next?

Jason Reed / Reuters

Could Christine O'Donnell be "Dancing" next season?

Having Bristol Palin compete on "Dancing With the Stars" this season has boosted the No. 1 show's ratings even higher, and now there's word that "DWTS" may continue the political trend. Or at least seriously consider it.

PopEater's Rob Shuter reports that cheering on daughter Bristol was not the only thing Mama Sarah Palin was doing last night at the show. She was reportedly also pushing the "Dancing" producers to cast her Tea Party pal Christine O'Donnell for next season. (Yes, the same Christine O'Donnell who dabbled in witchcraft as a teen, and ran for Delaware's Senate seat and was soundly defeated earlier this month.)

"Christine is not a bad idea at all," an ABC exec told Shuter. "After Kate Gosselin and Cloris Leachman, O'Donnell would fit right in. She certainly would be so controversial that the amount of press attention and buzz the show would get would be huge. Plus, you know they would make her dance in a witch's hat with a broomstick."

What do you think? Brilliant idea or a disaster in the making?