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Bristol claims 'haters' are trying to 'destroy' her

Evidently it’s been a tough week for Bristol Palin. Between her hotly debated progress to the “Dancing With the Stars” finals and her and her little sister’s recent Facebook rant, she’s suddenly found herself facing the dreaded “haters” again.

Earlier this week, Palin practically praised her critics, telling them, via Access Hollywood, “Well, thanks for hating on me because that’s just going to (give) me more motivation.” But by Wednesday, she had a different take on her anti-fans — they’re actually out to get her.

“Thank you supporters who continue to support,” the 20-year-old began in a Facebook post. “The haters are already pulling out all the stops this week to destroy.”

Who are these haters? Who knows? They could be anyone critical of the “teen activist” or your average Brandy fan (or maybe just Brandy’s former partner). Regardless, Palin’s on to their plans.

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