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'Glee' star sings Paltrow's praises

Gleeks will soon have a chance to judge Gwyneth Paltrow’s song-and-dance-filled stint as a substitute teacher on Tuesday night’s episode of “Glee,” but one star isn’t waiting to sing her praises.

“She's so talented,” Chord Overstreet told E! Online. “She's super funny. The jokes she has — that they’ve given her — her timing is just great. She's got a great voice. She can dance. She literally had to come in and learn four dance numbers in one day. So I mean, super talented."

The man behind McKinley High School’s easy-on-the-eyes Sam Evans didn’t stop there, as  he found “Glee’s” newest guest star just as great personally as professionally.

"(She's) one of the sweetest people, and she's got the sweetest kids, too,” Overstreet raved. “She brought them on-set a couple of days, and they're the cutest little kids."

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