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Ellen DeGeneres on 'Dancing': Bristol shouldn't win

“Dancing With the Stars” alum Kelly Osbourne believes Bristol Palin has potential in this season’s run for the mirror ball trophy, but talk show host Ellen DeGeneres hopes to see a real hoofer grab the prize.

“As for a winner? You know, I really, really feel like Bristol Palin is going to give everyone a run for their money,” Obsourne said during an interview on Friday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Osbourne, no stranger to second-generation fame, pointed out that when judging Palin, “you have to learn to separate the person from the family,” and while DeGeneres agreed with that point, she still failed to see a reason to support Palin in the show’s final stretch.

“As a dancer, let’s be honest,” the host began. “Between Jennifer Grey as a dancer and Bristol Palin as a dancer?”

That's when Osbourne reversed her “separate the person from the family” stance.

“OK, but look at Jennifer Grey. Her father is (Academy Award-winning triple-threat) Joel Grey.” Osbourne said. “Look at Bristol Palin. Her mother is Sarah Palin. It’s not like (the Palins) have dancing in their family.”

DeGeneres remained unmoved, stating, “I’m just saying, as a talent competition, for a winner, you want the person that’s actually dancing the best to win.”

Of course, as any longtime ‘Dancing’ viewer knows, it’s not just a talent competition. Good or bad, waltzing to a win has as much to do with fame and fans (even fans of a close relation) as it does with the ballroom basics.

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