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Martha Stewart gets turkeys drunk before killing them

Television host and entertaining expert Martha Stewart appeared on Wednesday night’s “Colbert Report” and offered up a rare bit of holiday wisdom.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s important to remember the little touches. Prepare the centerpiece with care, plan recipes to suit the crowd and don’t forget to booze the bird before slaughter.

That’s right. Like all of her other holiday handiwork, Stewart is hands-on with killing the turkeys. She told host Stephen Colbert that she’s responsible for knocking out six gobblers this year alone — with her bare hands. But don't go thinking Stewart's a brute. She makes sure the birds are lit up before lights out.

“You know those little bottles of cognac and bourbon that are on the airplanes?” Stewart began. “Before the bird is slaughtered, you ... ”

“You get the bird drunk?” Colbert asked.

A smiling domestic diva nodded.