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Will Bristol finally say goodbye to the ballroom?

Next week the celebrity hoofers move on to the semifinals, but before they do, there’s still the matter of one more elimination on “Dancing With the Stars."

The question is, will Tuesday night’s ballroom boot turn out to be another shocker, or will the obvious cut finally occur?

Monday saw some of the best dances of the season, as most of the stars surpassed their previous efforts in the first round of competition. The action only improved in the second “Instant Dance” round, with one notable exception.

Bristol Palin’s trend toward improved performances came to screeching halt when she and pro partner Mark Ballas attempted to samba their way through a song they only learned moments earlier. There were skipped steps, dazed expressions and enough shoulder shimmies to fill the routine but not many well-timed moves.

Despite Ballas' gracious attempt to take the blame, it was hard to ignore Palin’s contributions. After all, she's earned her spot in the back of the pack several times in the competition.

Is it finally time for Palin to say goodbye to the ballroom?

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