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'Farrah's too selfish,' 'Teen Mom' grandma says

If you're a fan of MTV's hit show "Teen Mom," seems like Life & Style magazine is doing all it can to give you enough dirt on the girls to last you until the show returns! The mag snagged an exclusive interview with Stormie Clark, paternal grandma to baby Sophia, for its current issue. And boy, does she have some words for the baby's mother, Farrah Abraham.

Abraham has been pretty insistent on keeping Sophia away from Clark's family because, as the young mom said on the show, they were never supportive of her relationship with their son Derek Underwood, the baby's father. (He died in a car crash two months before Sophia was born.) Derek's sister only met Sophia in season two because Abraham needed a DNA test to prove paternity and receive financial assistance. Though that experience led to a few more outings with Sophia's aunt and cousin, Derek's other family members were reportedly kept away from the baby.

Clark told Life & Style that she has been forced to watch Sophia grow up on TV because Abraham "never returned my letters and phone calls." She only met the baby because she saw the child playing in a park with the baby sitter.

"Farrah's too selfish," Clark, who lost her case for visitation rights last month, told the magazine. "She's a heartless, spoiled brat and doesn't deserve Sophia."

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