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'Biggest Loser' reject says show saved her life

Despite missing out on two opportunities to join the current batch of competitors on “The Biggest Loser,” Beyoncé's backing vocalist Montina Cooper still credits the show with saving her life.

Cooper first attempted to make it to the ranch on the premiere episode of the 10th season. After failing to earn an initial spot during a step-up challenge, she recently returned with the remaining premiere-night rejects for one more ill-fated shot.

“I was very disappointed,” Cooper told In Touch Weekly. “I wanted that spot bad, but I was happy for whoever made it. We all went through that 30-day journey of waiting at home, together, staying in contact and supporting each other. I was working out six times a day.”

For the singer, that turned out to be a lot of work for very little reward, as the pounds barely budged.

“I had my thyroid and hormones checked,” Cooper explained. “I’d burn 5,000 calories a day and in a week would lose 3 pounds. Sure enough both of them were off. Once you start becoming healthy, it can throw everything else off. I didn’t know this, I should have lost 35 to 40 pounds and couldn’t.”

Since treatment, Cooper’s finally seen some off-show success, now weighing in 60 pounds less than her starting weight of 287.

“I recommend every woman of a certain age get checked by a doctor,” Cooper told the magazine. “‘The Biggest Loser’ saved my life. It really saved my life.”

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