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'Mike & Molly' creator surprised by 'fatties' post

“Mike & Molly” creator Mark Roberts was taken aback after reading the Marie Claire post that left the Internet abuzz about one blogger’s anti-“fatties” stance.

In an interview with Fancast.com, Roberts reacted to writer Maura Kelly’s claim that she’d be “grossed out” to see the sitcom’s stars kiss (or do anything else for that matter), describing it as “something you would hear one of the really stupid girls say in a high school cafeteria.”

While he might have expected it back in his high school days, Roberts certainly didn’t anticipate such a fat-phobic screed from a grown up. Still, he knows Kelly isn’t the only one who sees size before talent, and that’s the bigger battle.

“The shocking thing is we live in this a society where this was an issue,” Roberts told the Hollywood Reporter. “Jackie Gleason would never get on TV now because he's a large man who drank on TV. We've taken steps backward under the guise of what's healthy. Almost everybody I know struggles with something -- whether it’s their weight or alcohol or temper. To stand in judgment of somebody — especially when you're breaking it down to just the esthetic — it just makes me sad ... wow that makes me sound much more upset than I really am. But I am un-friending that woman on Facebook.”

Watch as former plus-size model Emme Aronson and Mediaite’s editor-at-large Rachel Sklar discuss the Marie Claire item and the public reaction to it:
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