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'Survivors' act and look dumb

OK, I get it. Being stranded on an island with little food and shelter for weeks can make even the smartest and the toughest start to act off their game. But to get this silly? When you know it's a game that's being televised for its 21st season on national TV? You gotta know that there are certain things you don't do!

First, there was the reward challenge in which the two teams had to take turns leaping off a ramp and throwing a ball into a giant net on the other side of a pool. One person from each team would act as the goalie while standing on a small pole in the center. What could possibly end up looking dumb, you ask?

How about Fabio peeing in the pool? Yes, the pool that everyone -- members from both tribes -- was taking turns jumping into. As he was making his way to the pole to play defense halfway through the challenge, the guy paused and said, "I gotta pee really quick!"

When host Jeff Probst asked what he was doing, Fabio replied, "Doesn't everybody pee in the pool?" To which everyone respondedwith a bit of disgust, "Nooooooooooooo!" (In case you were wondering, Fabio's 21 years old, according to the "Survivor" website. That should be old enough to know better than to pee in a pool while the whole country is watching -- at least when totally sober!)

*** Spoiler alert! ***

Anyway, Espada managed to ignore the sullied pool as best as they could and went on to win the reward, which was a trip to a farm and a fresh breakfast.

The next dumb thing: La Flor at Tribal Council. Yes, again. And you won't believe what they did ... again. Brenda and her alliance were intent on flushing out the idol ... again. OK, fine. They had the perfect opportunity last week and sent Kelly B. packing instead, but whatever.

This time, prior to Tribal Council, Sash convinced Marty to give him the hidden immunity idol. As Jane pointed out, "Anytime you watch this game and you give up the idol, it comes back to haunt you!"

Except it didn't hurt Marty. (At least, not yet.) And this is where Questionable Move No. 3 of the night came into play. The tribe backed Marty into a corner to make him give up the idol one way or another, but rather than voting him out to make sure he doesn't take them down in revenge, they vote out Jill. That's two weeks in a row that La Flor targeted Marty and had him exactly where they wanted, but failed to fully execute. Without Marty, Jill's probably not going to be as much of a threat. But Marty by himself? Angry? He's probably going to play even harder to win.

Next week, merge for real! Not only that, NaOnka wreaks more havoc.

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