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'Dancing' sends a top performer home

"This is ludicrous. ... This is absolute nonsense." Preach it, Head Judge Len!

"The Hills" hottie Audrina Patridge was sent packing Wednesday night after landing in the bottom two with actress Jennifer Grey. (OK, so Grey wasn't necessarily one of the lowest scorers, co-host Samantha Harris Brooke Burke pointed out. The show could've set it up between the two ladies for some extra drama.)

How in the heck did this happen? Darned if I know. Sure, Patridge didn't quite bring the fiery character to her paso doble Monday night, but she landed all of her steps gracefully to earn a score of 24, and nearly made it to the end of the dance marathon. That earned her an extra 8 points, putting her at No. 2 on the scoreboard. NUMBER TWO, people! A whole 10 points ahead of Kurt Warner! How does one who performs so well week after week get voted off while lesser dancers remain to compete?

Let this be a lesson to the other top performers: Just because you can deliver a nearly perfect performance and wow the judges with your improved skills doesn't mean you'll be safe. There are some nutty folks out there casting unexplainable votes.

And as Len said, though "we like the underdog, we like justice more."

There wasn't any in this elimination.

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