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Snooki and the gang 'grow up' on next season's 'Shore'

Just as the Miami edition of “The Jersey Shore” comes to an end Thursday night, new details for a third season of Gym-Tan-Laundry action are released.

Fans hoping to see more of the same when the Seaside Heights crowd goes back home won’t be disappointed, but “Shore” co-creator SallyAnn Salsano insists the Jersey “kids” will grow up along the way.

“All the relationships start taking a turn, some for the good, some for the bad,” Salsano explained in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “There’s plenty of drama. There are some new hook-ups both in the house and outside. The kids legitimately grow up and come into their own in front of your eyes. They’re still the same cast, but I think how they deal with situations is completely different.”

As for season three cast updates, Salsano revealed Angelina is still out, Ryder’s back and a new Snooki pal named Deena will join in the fun to ensure “no shortage of drama.”

But before the gang returns to their home shores, there’s still the matter of Thursday night’s season two finale, wherein the Jerseyites take a detour before leaving the Sunshine State.

Watch as Pauly D and pals visit the Everglades for a closer look at the native wildlife — you know, “crocodiles, alligators, whatever you want to call them.”

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