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Schemes take over as 'Survivor' eliminates 2

The contestants took the "Survivor" tagline to "outwit, outplay, outlast" to heart Wednesday night, and none more so than La Flor's Brenda. The beauty queen said from the get-go that she was going to flush out Marty's immunity idol by having three people vote for him and three for Jill.

"Even though we're still called La Flor, it's still younger tribe versus older tribe ... except Jane. She blends in right away," she told us."Whatever happens, one of them is going home."

***Spoiler alert! ***

Or maybe not. In the individual immunity challenge, Jill managed to earn not only the guarantee of another week in the competition, but also a feast for her tribe. In addition, after La Flor's Tribal Council (Surprise! Both teams had to send one person home), the group would get to watch Espada's Tribal Council.

Though Jill's victory threw a wrench into Brenda's plan, the younger woman had another idea: three votes for Marty, three votes for Kelly B. Girl was determined to flush out that idol no matter what!

At La Flor's Tribal Council, Brenda continued with her quest to get Marty to play his hidden immunity idol. She told Jane that Jane doesn't have to worry about the younger members trying to vote her out, but that the dog trainer should keep her eyes on Marty and Jill, who are gunning for their fellow elder member.

This threw Marty into a bit of a tizzy, and he declared that he never offered up Jane, and that Brenda's move was "backstabbing and conniving." And it probably was, too! If Marty was feeling comfy prior to this, he probably should've started thinking about using that idol after all. But he didn't. Instead, he whispered to the teammates on his right to "vote for Brenda!"

The vote was incredibly close: Marty and Kelly B. tied with three votes, and Brenda received two. After a revote, it was Kelly B. who was sent packing. Either way, it sort of worked out for Brenda (and everyone else in the game), since no one will have to worry about going up against someone all the contestants consider to be a charity case.

There was a bit of drama during the Espada Tribal Council as well. When the episode kicked off, Dan whined to various teammates that he was thinking about calling it quits. "It's very hard being here and living here. The food situation's bad, weather situation's bad. ... And I don't need the money," Dan said. "Why in the world am I doing this?"

But in Tribal Council, his tune was the complete opposite. "Nothing (bothers me)!" Dan told host Jeff Probst. " If things bothered me, I wouldn't be here."

When Yve called him out on his lie, Dan called her arrogant, and she retaliated by calling him a liability.

Espada, in what could be yet another questionable decision for a tribe that has trouble winning challenges, voted out Yve and kept the man who can barely walk.

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