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Florence Henderson surprised by 'Dancing' results

Tuesday night’s “Dancing With the Stars” elimination came as a shock to many dance fans (and just about anyone who watched Bristol Palin’s monkey business the night before), but they weren’t the only ones blindsided by the ballroom boot. Florence Henderson was taken aback by her own ouster, too.

During a post-show interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live," the classic TV mom nodded as the host referred to elimination as a “miscarriage of justice.”

“I was surprised, too,” the Henderson admitted. “Very surprised.”

Henderson’s tango to "The Brady Bunch” theme was expected to be a sentimental favorite — heck, she even dedicated it to long lost Brady dad Robert Reed. And while the actress has had her ups and down with the “Dancing” judges, the panel praised the routine, calling it the 76-year-old’s high mark so far. So what happened?

“I don’t know exactly how it worked,” Henderson said, before her pro partner added his own amazement.

“It was our best dance ever,” Corky Ballas explained. “I’m mean, she was just growing into her legs — just getting stronger, powerful. It was our best dance, our highest scores.”

Hmm. Even our readers, who’ve had a remarkable knack for predicting the results show outcome each week, got this one wrong. It’s almost enough to make someone call shenanigans on the whole Palin-in-Henderson-out scenario. Almost.

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