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'Dancing' doesn't need added distractions

In a television show that routinely features cheesy musical covers, liberal use of spray tan and barely-there, sequin-covered costumes, added gimmicks just aren’t required.

“Dancing With the Stars” proved that point Monday night, when the 11th season of the celebrity (or close enough) talent show added a new theme, a new stage and extra scores. A twist here and there isn’t unusual for “Dancing,” but packing three different ones into a single performance show is.

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The first-ever “Acoustic Week” was meant to add an extra challenge for many of the already rhythmically-impaired ballroom babies. The raised, round dance floor presumably added to the intimacy of the dances, as well as the risk of injury — which was pretty high to start with. And the double scores? Assuming few fans actually care about the fine line between Bristol Palin’s technical merits versus her performance mastery (or lack thereof), they served no purpose at all.

Ultimately, good, bad or really, really bad, “Dancing's” sideshow appeal is just fine without a handful of competing distractions.

After all, who wants to focus on a shiny, new dance floor when Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is busy barrel-flipping pro partner Karina Smirnoff?

No one.