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D.C. 'Housewives' won't work with Salahi again

There’s been no official announcement concerning a possible second season of “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” but according to one castmember, if the capital gals stick around for a sophomore run, they’ll do so without attention-grabbing Michaele Salahi.

“I don't think anybody would do a show with Michaele,” Lynda Erkiletian told E! Online. “I don't think anybody would voluntarily associate themselves ever again.”

Perhaps that has something to do with the fallout from the finale episode. Thursday night’s season-ender promises to show the “Housewives” react to Salahi’s White House hijinks, as they learn more about the infamous “gatecrashers” event.

Watch Erkiletian and others discuss the incident in a finale sneak peak: