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Allie blames her 'Loser' elimination on gameplay

The first “Biggest Loser” hopeful eliminated from the ranch, Allie Ishcomer, visited the TODAY show Tuesday morning to talk about her departure from the weight loss competition.

During her brief stint on the show, Ishcomer shared a great deal of her personal traumas, from a failed gastric bypass surgery at the age of 14 to the lack of support from her own family. Despite such a sympathetic background, fellow contestants voted her off the show at the first opportunity.

“I think it was a gameplay move,” Ishcomer said of why the remaining “Losers” picked her instead of Tina Elliott, her less-than-committed competition. “I was the youngest contestant, and (Tina) had an injury. I was the biggest threat.”

As for her post-ranch life, Ishcomer explained that her notoriously unsupportive chocoholic mom has finally come around. Not that Ishcomer waited. After Mom failed to get on-board with the needed changes, she moved on and moved out. Ishcomer now lives with personal trainer Amanda Roush.

When the 22-year-old joined “The Biggest Loser,” she weighed 322 pounds. She's now lost a total of 85 pounds, weighing in at 237.

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