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Hey, Michael Bolton! Where's our apology?

It seems soft-rock crooner and dance-floor disaster Michael Bolton isn’t content to exit the “Dancing With the Stars” spotlight quietly. After getting a brutal and all-too-accurate review from judge Bruno Tonioli this week, the eliminated ballroom-wannabe wants a public apology from Tonioli. He also wants the judge reprimanded.


No doubt the Official Reality TV Judges’ Association for Ethics and Niceties will get right on that — right after Simon Cowell creates it.

The truth is the only thing Tonioli is guilty of is being Tonioli. It’s his job to say outrageous things while judging the C- through Z-listers gracing the dance floor in front of him. Just like it’s Len Goodman’s job to bust out the corny jokes and grumpy-old-man routine. And it’s Carrie Ann Inaba’s job to swoon at the cute guys and freak out about perceived lift infractions. It’s what they do.

If Tonioli should apologize for judging a willing participant in the competition, then maybe Bolton should apologize to “Dancing” fans for failing to participate better.

After all, the man slumped through his two routines and showed a marked decline from week one to week two. Every point the judges made after Bolton's first effort, from posture to footwork, was noticeably worse.

Where's our "sorry"? We had to watch this:
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